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PPP Medical Grade Air Purifier PPP-1100-01 With KV Filter

PPP Medical Grade Air Purifier PPP-1100-01 With KV Filter

  • Product Code: C05AIR009
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  • HK$16,500.0


Founded by HKUST Alumni Teresa Law.

PPP air purifier is developed by Air Quality Experts and Medical professionals in HK. It is a high efficiency air purifier with AHAM and medical grade certified high efficiency purifier (PM2.5 CADR: 1200 cmh). Equipped with the highest-level KILL VIRUS filter to effectively kill H1N1 Influenza A (>99.99%), EV71 Virus (>99.99%) and Measles Virus (>90%). Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is the highest amount the same type of product (same type of products refers to the listed products in the third-party testing lab in the AHAM of the USA for CADR)


  • Four-stage precision wind speed setting
  • Filter replacement reminder
  • Built-in quality sensor to show different air quality in the environment
  • Different filters type is available for selection and fit into the unit for removing different targeting pollutants at different environments
  • Three-dimensional airflow, air inlet at front and two sides, air outlet at the top side
  • Giant filter compares to same type of product in the market 
  • Wheels are available
  • Extra-large control panel
  • Timer control
  • Handle at both side
  • Application area: 750-1200 sq feet

Professional Authorization

  • Medical Grade Certified
  • Passed CE safety certification
  • Undergone laboratories testing on purifier performance test, bacterial removal and sterilization test

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