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New PPP Air Purifier (Household) (PPP-402-01) WIFI version

PPP Air Purifier (Household) (PPP-402-01) WIFI version

  • Product Code: C05AIR007
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  • HK$6,280.0


Founded by HKUST Alumni Teresa Law.

Built on the research of Medical Professionals and IAQ Specialists of Hong Kong

Award Winning Technologies (Hong Kong Award for Industries – Technological Award 2019)

Four-stage precision wind speed setting

Built-in quality sensor to show different air quality in the environment

Different filter types available for selection and fit into the unit for removing different targeting pollutants at different environments

Equipped with 2-in-1 HEPA formaldehyde removal filter for deodorization and formaldehyde removal 

User can change the highest-level KILL VIRUS filter to effectively kill Virus & Airborne Virus Aerosol including Influenza A Virus A, H1N1, EV71 and Measles Virus

Bacterial removal rate up to 99.99%

Passed CE safety certification

Filter replacement reminder

Undergone laboratories testing on purifier performance test, bacterial removal and sterilization test 

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is 395 cfm 

AHAM certified

Timer control

Handle at both sides

Application area: 580 sq feet.

Dimensions: 495 x 280 x 700

Power consumption: 45Watt

Noise level: 58dbA 

Smart function:

All operation functions as PPP-400-01

Offsite instant PM2.5 and Air Quality monitoring 

Filter life reminder

Schedule to turn on or turn off

Connectable to other iOT device at site 

User can set the smart control logic

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