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-22% NCCO 1802

NCCO 1802

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NCCO air treatment unit 

Founded by HKUST alumni Cathy Jim.

The global air quality problem is becoming more and more serious and this is a perfect device to help you to overcome. NCCO is an innovative patented air purification technology developed by members of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Entrepreneurship Project.  NCCO is the English acronym for Nano Confined Catalytic Oxidation. The principle of NCCO is to efficiently adsorb catalytic pollutants while generating active oxygen, decomposing chemical bonds between pollutant molecules, and turning the pollutants into water H2O and carbon dioxide CO2.  Its products are widely used by government departments and public institutions.

Product details:

(1)    NCCO long-lasting filter derived from local research
(2)    Purifies as up 99.98% volatile organic compounds
(3)    Advanced technology of reactor ensures air treatment rate
(4)    Easy to operate
(5)    Can be used inside automobile

Power ConsumptionW


Airflow Volumem3/h


Noise LeveldB


Product Dimension
L x W x H

160(L) x 160(W) x 73(H)

Net Weightkg




Air Treatment Stages


Stage I

Active Oxygen Generator

Stage II

HEPA Filter

Stage III

NCCO Reactor

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