25th Anniversary Book - "Prometheus In The Sky"

25th Anniversary Book - "Prometheus In The Sky"

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In celebrating the 25th anniversary of the University, we offer you this Commemorative Book Prometheus in the Sky. We selected 25 stories from multiple HKUST researchers from all four schools, members of senior management, and some alumni. Each story was vetted and selected by the Committee which has taken into account a number of factors including academic interest, societal impact, readability, etc. These stories may have already been reported by the media but are recast here in a new context. A list of the protagonists in these stories and their backgrounds are mentioned at the end of the book. Other than those featured in the stories, there are understandably many more individuals who are as outstanding and influential but are not covered due to limited space.

To have a preview of the book, watch this video: https://youtu.be/ab9482hj5Ao

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