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Anti Coronavirus Refreshing Aromatherapy Patch (12 pcs)

Anti Coronavirus Refreshing Aromatherapy Patch (12 pcs)

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Co-developed by HKUST Professor Wah-Keung Tsim and member of HKUST Entrepreneurship Program.

The aromatherapy patch combined natural aromatherapy and patented formula of Chinese herbal medicine co-developed by HKUST Centre of Chinese Medicine R&D and HKUST Entrepreneurship Program. It has been proved to inhibit the growth of SARS-CoV-2 virus, Staphylococcus Aureus (SA) and Edwardsiella Tarda (ET), etc under ELISA and HPLC screening assay.

Aroma Patch is suitable for adults and children to use. The natural aromatherapy can help you breathe smoothly, gives you better protection and a fresher experience when wearing a mask.

Key Ingredients

Contains lavender, litsea cubeba, eucalyptus and other patented Chinese herbs, providing joyful and refreshing sense.

12 pieces in a pack.


Tear off the top of the bag and take out an aromatherapy patch, stick the patch on the outside of your mask or on the collar where it is within 20cm of your nose. Seal the bag immediately to avoid volatilisation and oxidation of the essential oil, otherwise it may lower the protection effectiveness of the product.  Suggest changing every 4 hours for best protection.

Professional Authorisation

HKUST Patent: China Application No. 202011002501.5; Hong Kong Short Term Patent Application No. 32020016652.0 Patent

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