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Germfree7 Antimicrobial Smart Coating For Extended Protection

Germfree7 Antimicrobial Smart Coating For Extended Protection

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Developed at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology by a group of HKUST scientists led by Prof King Lun Yeung and Prof Joseph Kwan.

GermFree7 is the world’s first instant and residual contact killing solution for cleaning and disinfecting. A brand-new disinfectant formulates smart polymers to release gaseous biocide for 7 days and 24 hours non-stop antimicrobial protecting function with one application. Chlorine dioxide biocide encapsulated in the smart polymer with its non-stop, continuous "release -killing", "contact-killing", "Anti - adhesion" on the coated surface making it the only solution that can effectively cut down the contact contamination and it is the best solution for you to use on any surface.

The special patented control release of chlorine dioxide biocides in our Germfree7 can disfunction the cell’s ability to get nutrient and die from no nutrients therefore Germfree7 can eliminate microbe/germs/virus even when its mutated. This is a very important fact for using Germfree7 because the 2019-ncoV may evolve and mutate during its evolving through human to human.

The current 2019-nCoV (Wuhan pneumonia) is the coronavirus very similar to SARS, only alcohol and chlorine dioxide disinfectant can kill the coronavirus. All our ingredients are USA FDA approved therefore its very safe to use in indoors especially when we only used very minimal of CIO2 enough to kill the micro but very safe for human. Germfree7 Antimicrobial Smart Coating is tested and proven by laboratories in UK and Scotland for 99.9 % germ decrease on the coated surface up to one-week time.

Germfree7’s quick and long-lasting effect is also proven for eliminating broad spectrum of viruses, bacteria and fungi. This special instant and long-lasting germ-killing effect is the best way for reducing the spread of infectious microbes. Recent study by UK National Health Services warns infection as the No.7 deadliest cause for human death. 

Germfree7 is also widely used in hospitals, shopping malls, commercial buildings and individual homes. 

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  • Capacity: 500 ml

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